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Royal Sigils Drop Rates

Discover the drop chances for Albion Online Sealed Royal Sigils, empowering you to strategise and optimise your gameplay for success.

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Sigils are obtained by opening Chopped Fish Sealed Royal Sigils.
  • There is no official drop rate for these items, but the community has come to a consensus based on evaluating different data points.
  • Unlock the power of Royal Sigils through your adventures in Albion Online.
  • Earn them by conquering Expeditions, Hardcore Expeditions, and Crystal Arena matches.
  • Craft them from Arena Sigils or use them for forging powerful Royal Armor.
  • Remember, Royal Sigils are precious and cannot be downgraded.
  • Seize your opportunities: daily Expeditions and Hardcore Expeditions grant you a chance to claim a Royal Sigil Bag, while victorious Crystal Arena matches reward you with a random-tier Sigil Bag.
  • You can also transmute them at the Artifact Foundry in Faction Cities, combining inferior Sigils or Arena Sigils for even greater rewards.
  • Speak to Arena Master Joan to exchange Arena Sigils for Adept's, Expert's, or Master's Royal Sigils.
Item NameDrop Chance
Chopped FishAdept's Royal Sigil (T4)~57.6%
Chopped FishExpert's Royal Sigil (T5)~32.4%
Chopped FishMaster's Royal Sigil (T6)~9%
Chopped FishGrandmaster's Royal Sigil (T7)~0.8%
Chopped FishElder's Royal Sigil (T8)~0.2%
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