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Buildings Favorite Foods

Many buildings have a Favorite Dish. While any food may be used, the Favorite Dish provides double the Nutrition.

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BuildingFavorite Food
Repair StationGoat SandwichGoat Sandwich
LumbermillCarrot SoupCarrot Soup
StonemasonBean SaladBean Salad
SmelterWheat SoupWheat Soup
TannerChicken PieChicken Pie
WeaverChicken OmeletteChicken Omelette
ToolmakerTurnip SaladTurnip Salad
SaddlerGoat StewGoat Stew
MillGoose OmeletteGoose Omelette
ButcherCabbage SoupCabbage Soup
CookGoose PieGoose Pie
Hunter's LodgePotato SaladPotato Salad
Mage's TowerMutton SandwichMutton Sandwich
Warrior's ForgeMutton StewMutton Stew
Alchemist's LabPork OmelettePork Omelette
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