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Cooking Profit CalculatorCooking Profit Calculator

Albion Online Cooking Profit Calculator is a simple tool to help you calculate the profits of your cooking recipes. Select your server, city, and other options to get started.

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Chef Mastery
Soup Chef
Salad Chef
Pie Chef
Roast Chef
Omelette Chef
Stew Chef
Sandwich Chef
Ingredients Chef
Avalonian Beef Stew
Item Labels
Sell Order (+6.5%)
Buy Order (+2.5%)
Return Rate (%)
Usage Fee (silver)
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Cooked Item
Last 24 Hours
Buy OrdersSell OrdersCrafting ProfitCraft Price (x100)Focus CostSilver Per
Focus Point
Avalonian Beef Stew
65,129 149,997 silver
579 items sold
4 11,094 silver
1 month ago
78,984 81,993 silver
1 month ago
1,923,602 silver5,974,798 silver2,910661
Avalonian Beef Stew (T8.1)
147,876 249,998 silver
220 items sold
4 50,001 silver
1 month ago
164,948 179,974 silver
1 month ago
7,579,059 silver8,915,741 silver4,0101,890
Avalonian Beef Stew (T8.2)
187,221 255,555 silver
107 items sold
20 29 silver
1 month ago
199,996 199,997 silver
1 month ago
4,676,270 silver15,323,330 silver6,210753
Avalonian Beef Stew (T8.3)
349,000 599,999 silver
17 items sold
No dataNo dataNo dataNo data12,830No data
Last 24 Hours
RequiredTotal Cost
Bundle of Corn
Bundle of Corn
328 1,367 silver
3,375,769 items sold
360134,316 silver
378 869 silver
4,751,725 items sold
360138,006 silver
Raw Beef
Raw Beef
370 932 silver
2,809,156 items sold
720267,156 silver
Avalonian Energy
Avalonian Energy
5,351 8,840 silver
983,276 items sold
9005,088,510 silver
Fish Sauces
Last 24 Hours
RequiredTotal Cost
Basic Fish Sauce
Basic Fish Sauce
2,768 3,920 silver
271,373 items sold
9003,256,425 silver
Fancy Fish Sauce
Fancy Fish Sauce
8,804 12,864 silver
81,001 items sold
90010,351,373 silver
Special Fish Sauce
Special Fish Sauce
23,131 32,136 silver
8,751 items sold
90024,905,655 silver
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