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Animals Favorite Foods

The following changes have been introduced in the Wild Blood update. Below, you can find the developer's commentary.

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To further increase trade incentives, every farm animal (not mount animals) now has a favorite food, which provides double nutrition when feeding the animal (Quick Feeding has been adjusted to prioritize favorite food). But because they are picky eaters, this food always grows better in a different city to the animal.

This is only intended as a trade incentive, and not to be an actual increase to the nutrition in the game. For this reason the nutrition which farm animals (not mount animals) need to grow has also been doubled.

AnimalFavorite Food
ChickenChickenChickenWheat Wheat
GoatGoat GoatsTurnip Turnip
GooseGoose GeeseCabbage Cabbage
SheepSheep SheepPotato Potato
PigletPiglet PigsCorn Corn
CalfCalf CowsPumpkin Pumpkin
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