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Avalon MapperAvalon Mapper

Albion Online Avalon Mapper is a mapping tool that was built to create shareable maps between the Royal and Outlands continents through the Avalonian Roads.

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How to add a new road connection

  • Choose "From" and "To" locations from the dropdowns.
  • Click on the portal size button to select the portal size.
  • Select the time left for this road connection.
  • Once you are done, click on the "Add new connection" button to add the road connection to the map.

How to edit an existing road connection

  • Select the locations for the existing road connection you want to change. You should see the button label changed to "Edit connection."
  • Make the required changes and click on the button.

How to delete an existing connection

  • Select the existing element (location or road connection) on the map and press Backspace ⌫ on the keyboard.

Where does the data (road connections) get saved?

  • For a better user experience, we are saving the data in your browser's local storage. We are not saving any road connection data on our servers. You can delete it by clicking on the "Reset" button.

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